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Make your own whiteboard, cheap

My friend’s friend sent this idea for a homeschool white board project. She only spent $25.

At Lowe’s we bought an 8′ x 4′ white panel board/ shower board and some lightweight backing board- had them cut both in half and voila! If you don’t have use for two- find a friend who would split it with you and it’s even cheaper. Of course it does help to have a vehicle that will fit 4′x4′ boards- but if you don’t want it that big- have them cut it some more. :) We already had a drill and the hardware to mount the boards into the wall directly- one in each corner.

Here are the sites I looked at: http://chrismetcalf.net/2007/06/16/how-to-dirt-cheap-wall-sized-whiteboards/ , http://firmlyplanted.wordpress.com/2007/08/16/making-your-own-white-board/

We did not bother glueing the two boards together. I held both boards up where we had marked them and pre-drilled them and Mike just drilled them both into the wall and we were done. It’s definitely more of a 2 people job.

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