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From homeschooling parents to conservative political activists

Homeschool advocates (and my dear aunt and uncle!) Steve and Maureen Guffanti in California have founded the Tri-City Tea Party and are active locally in conservative politics.  Hear what motivated these former homeschooling parents to action, and may you be inspired to get involved this election season in your area.

- Savannah


From Maureen: MGuffantiCA


Have you seen that great movie, The Patriot? In that film Mel Gibson plays the guy who just wants to stay on his farm, not fight a war. But he does get involved, because the war comes to him.


I feel a bit like that farmer. Like so many, for years I didn’t want to get very involved in politics. But the war on our nation, our freedoms, our beliefs, and our prosperity has come right into our homes. So here I am, involved, running for the Republican Party Central Committee, 75th Assembly District, and asking for your endorsement.


For decades I’ve been involved—to some extent, in campaigns, walking and calling for candidates, registering voters, and more.

I even served in 1986 as campaign manager for my husband in his first—and successful—run for Vista school board. In the next election cycle, I worked as a paid consultant to several other school board candidates (all of them successful!).


But about four years ago, like many others, I woke up to the course our nation has been taking, a course of more government, more debt and fewer individual freedoms. My goal is to help switch that course to restore our nation’s freedoms and prosperity. I am now very involved and encouraging others to get involved.


I am currently a member of the Republican Womens Federated of Vista, Oside and Carlsbad. Both my husband and I are co-founders of Tri-City Tea Party, where I am the secretary and he is senior advisor.


And now, in an effort to promote Reagan Republican principles in San Diego’s Republican Central committee, I am running for central committee for the 75th assembly district. My mission is Growing the Republican Party, from Registration to Activism.


From Stephen:

I am sending you this because I need your help to spread the word that I’m running for Republican Party Central Committee in the 75th Assembly District.

I am passionate about our heritage, our history and our nation. I served three terms as part of the conservative minority on the Vista school board, and in the early 1990’s was a member of the San Diego Republican Party Central Committee.

I also helped author Prop. 174, the 1993 school choice amendment, and was the statewide volunteer coordinator for this bill, California’s first voucher initiative to qualify for the ballot. Although 174 was defeated, out of the process California’s charter schools were born.

Besides being a physician locally, I am a co-founder and senior adviser of Tri-City Tea Party, and I speak nationally at conferences and on radio about the over-diagnosis of ADHD.


Why am I returning to the central committee?


After three years of Obama, San Diegans are desperate for the economy to turn around and businesses to start hiring.


Yet, election after election and year after year, the Democrats add job-killing regulations, and raise fees while giving blank-check pensions to their public union buddies.


In San Diego County as of March first, out of a million and a half voters, the Democrats out numbered the Republicans by less than 4,000 – three state assembly districts and two senate seats are Democrat controlled. We could take those seats back by getting a mere 10% of our voters to register Republican.


It’s time to return our county voters to conservative Republicans.



Stephen and Maureen Guffanti

Tri-City Tea Party

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