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Yes, the Camerons homeschool their children

I have been wondering if Kirk and Chelsea Cameron homeschool their six children.  Finally I got an answer today from Kirk’s publicity agent, who said:

Yes -they do but he called it “life schooling” during an interview where he mentioned that

home schooling not only creates a close bond with your children but parents are able to teach them so much more about life and the world we live….

I’ll be posting interviews soon!

Remember, Kirk’s new amazing and important movie Monumental” will be in theatres for a limited time. And if it’s not showing nearby, then your audience also has a chance to demand it in their area by visiting www.demandthemovie.com


I was thrilled to participate in the live premier event this week broadcast in theaters around the country. Get ready for a new perspective on the Pilgrims!  I’m in awe!

My friend and son and I were really astonished at the amount of great historical information about the Pilgrims and founding of America that somehow gets left out of traditional history sources! I cannot wait to get my hands on the curriculum resources!


Kirk Cameron is creating Monumental resources for families, churches, schools and homeschools. Check them out!


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