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Kirk Cameron’s ‘Monumental’ movie – A kid’s review

PIK Review “Monumental”

March 28, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect Kids Reviews

Hi, it’s me Nicolas, and I’m here to give you my review of Kirk Cameron’s movie Monumental. Monumental is a movie that teaches the truth behind the Pilgrims and their quest for freedom of religion, and our forefathers’ beliefs, and what made our country so strong in the first place. Now why would they call it Monumental, you might ask? Well let me ask you this, have you ever heard of the Statue of Liberty? How about the Grand Canyon? Maybe the Golden Gate Bridge? Those are some of the more famous monuments in the USA. This incredible movie talks about a certain monument left by our forefathers that can teach America what we’re doing wrong in the government, and teaches us how to get our priorities straightened out. Not only that, but this incredible granite monument can teach us how to heal America and how to save us from falling just like the Roman Empire did. It’s an incredible movie, and you should really check it out! I actually got to watch it on the big screen! It’s a very inspiring movie and again, you should check it out.


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