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What the Rogers family has been up to

Now that we’re getting back into our homeschooling groove after Baby, opportunities abound!

Wow, I’m exhausted.  Was your Christmas season hectic, too? We ended up packing, moving, and beginning to unpack through the holidays, and I invited my lonely dad to come spend a few weeks with us during that same time.  Lots of activity and adjustments, and stress.  Not to mention the baby decided to constantly test the acoustics of our new bare tile floors, and the limits of our hearing!

I’m so excited to be able to leave it all behind for a few hours and be refreshed and redirected at two encouraging moms nights this week:  AFHE‘s Midyear Refresher was Friday night, and KEYS of Arizona‘s Moms Tea and Tips is this coming Tuesday night!  My oldest will be an eighth grader next year, so I’m definitely looking forward to receiving the course planning spreadsheet and tools KEYS is offering as part of the registration cost.  The AFHE refresher was a fabulous event, and I’m definitely going to plan to go next year, and maybe even invite Matt.  =O)

I have no idea how you other moms seemingly do it all!  The days are flying by, and not a single box gets unpacked, but at least we’re settling into a new chores and school day routine at our new home. The Arizona weather has been fabulous, so we have enjoyed getting out in God’s gorgeous nature lately.

Tuesday we spent HOURS at the Phoenix Zoo with other families from West Valley Christian Homeschoolers, and we’ll get to have a little compare/contrast discussion next week as we are visiting the Wildlife World Zoo with Just Field Trips Monday.  My middle son is very interested in learning more about all sorts of animals this year, so these trips are right up his alley.  (He also loves to climb…  Have you seen all the great little climbing areas there are throughout the Phoenix Zoo??)

While my dad was here last month, my hubby took the 4 bigger kids to play in the snow at the grandparents’ cabin up north, while Dad, I and baby Renzo drove out to San Diego to visit Dad’s sister and brother.  And see the ocean.  Aaaaaah.  What’s fun about visiting my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Steve Guffanti is that they homeschooled, and have all kinds of interesting insights to share.  In fact, they have created Rocket Phonics and very helpful books like “Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?” and “The Purpose of Passion“.  Uncle Steve asked me to work with him on a podcast he was recording for Purpose of Passion, which was fun.  Stay tuned about that.  =O)  That book was very instrumental in my refocus and attitude shift from panicky to purposeful.

Aunt Maureen gave us a couple of documentaries for Christmas.  AWESOME!  Have you seen these?  Whoa.  “180: 33 minutes that will rock your world!“, and “Agenda: Grinding America Down“.  I feel like having a viewing party or something, they’re so important.  I’m very impressed with Curtis Bowers and his homeschooling family, who did a fabulous job creating Agenda.  The film won the 2010 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival‘s Jubilee award for Best of Festival.  Well deserved.

In other personal bloggish news, my eldest son Nicolas won his local spelling bee!!  He gets to compete at Regionals in February.  We enjoyed watching the documentary “Spellbound” on Netflix a couple of days before the bee.  We saw “Akeelah and the Bee” a couple years ago.  Little sister McKenna tried the bee too, and made it to Round 3.

Other great opportunities we’re taking advantage of this semester:

I’m also excited to support my good friend Becky Ogden in her new business teaching writing through the Institute for Excellence in Writing.  Nicolas starts her weekly IEW class in February, in fact he has to make up the first one since it coincides with another exciting event:  TeenPact at the state capitol!  Nicolas was a first-time TeenPact student at the one-day class last year, and loved it so much he BEGGED us to sign him up to attend the four-day program this year.  I love sending him off to the capitol all dressed up!

(Thank you to my HNN readers who were able to get enough new TeenPact registrants to form a discount group together!)

Two of my children will be continuing with the Arizona Swing Kids this year.  I LOOOOVE this neat program which blesses the senior citizens, veterans, and is an inexpensive outlet for my kids to sing and dance in public.  They also learn about patriotism, history, and Big Band era music.

I’m also very interested in the brand new competitive Christian speech and debate club being formed in Arizona through NCFCA.  I hope we can drum up enough interest in the west valley to get a club closer to my home!  =O)

On a final note for now, I took my daughter out on a little fun date today for lunch.  She wanted to record some silly videos, being inspired by one I made for fun this morning.  It was a blast, but I’m not sure I’m ready to share ours publicly.  I also had recorded a video this morning of our amazing little Sea Monkeys who have come back strong from the brink of extinction.  Go ahead and enjoy this article which prompted my silly video in the first place.  My nerdy video is linked from there:  (You’ll feel smarter just reading it; it’s about a 13-syllable word used by Shakespeare!)

Have a wonderful week with your children.  Be inspired.

- Savannah

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