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The Academic Sport: Speech & Debate

Some may love football, and some may love baseball, but not all of us have what it takes to perform at our physical peak!  Good news, though!  The Lord has given us mental abilities, and we can train with the best of athletes!

Comfort with public speaking and learning effective argumentation and debate enhances oratorical skills, research and planning abilities, and forces critical thinking skills.  These are skills which are learned, and this step-by-step process will benefit our students for a life-long love of standing firm on our Christian convictions, speaking boldly for Christ, and not accepting the status quo.  This art also produces positive life skills to enable ease of “thinking quickly on one’s feet,” critical analysis, recognition of effective and ineffective arguments, and persuasive skill utilization.

Join us for this grass-roots start-up COMMAND AZ Speech & Debate Club, specifically for home-educated students.  We will be associated with NCFCA, or National Christian Forensics and Communication Association, the speech and debate league which was begun by Christy Farris Shipe, Mike Farris’s daughter.

COMMAND is an acronym for Christ On My Mind And Never Departing.

Come play this sport.  It’s fun, it’s fair, and anyone can learn to do this well!


First Meeting:


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

6 – 8:30 p.m.

Chandler Public Library

Copper Room

22 S. Delaware

Chandler, AZ

 (HNN note:  Carmen tells me with enough interest, she’d be open to having a west valley group, too.)

Parents and students should attend to understand this academic sport.  To ensure that there will be enough copies of information for all, please RSVP by Tuesday, January 31 noon to:


Carmen Dampf



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