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I loved this mission trip recap from Erin Bates of Tennessee:  (Be inspired!)


Alyssa, Tori, and I were invited to accompany a team of students travelling to Romania on a week long ministry trip. It was a tremendously moving experience as we became aware of the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of precious people from other backgrounds and cultures.

While there, we visited schools and were invited to teach character lessons. We also visited the Minister of Health, hospitals, orphanages, and Gypsy camps. We were able to share the Gospel message of love and encourage others through music and song. We were given a police escort through town with the President and Mayor of the county, while passing out tracts telling of God’s love. I think we all have a new perspective of life and missions.

We serve such a BIG God, and we feel extremely privileged to be able to tell others of Him!



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Read full article at the Gil Bates family blog

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