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Homeschool Movie Day with Dolphin Tale on September 23rd in Gilbert

From Wendy from Choosing Love, http://www.choosinglove.net:

Dolphin Tale opens on September 23rd and Homeschool Movie Club created the first ever Homeschool Day. This is a time for homeschoolers to gather together and make an impact by stating that they would love to have more movies just like this.

Did you know the young boy and young girl in the movie are homeschooled?

We have already seen the movie at a special preview last week and hope you will join with our family at Homeschool Movie Day.

Movie time is 3:40 pm on Friday, September 23rd at San Tan Village Harkins Theater, located at Greenfield and Williams Field in Gilbert. Come find me after the credits end and I would love to hear your thoughts. I have two boys, one with curly hair, who will more than likely be wearing Batman camo shirts so we are pretty easy to find. Look forward to seeing you!

According to Harkins website the ticket prices for the matinee movie are $5.50 child, $6.50 for seniors, and $7.00 for adults.

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