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I can’t say enough great things about Signing Time videos!

My favorite American Sign Language video series — Signing Time — is now available to stream online at Amazon, plus they have a neat looking new video, Bible Fun.  Get the full story at the Signing Time web site.

Also, I enjoy receiving an email each week with an ASL sign to review or learn with the kids.  The way these videos are made is so engaging and fun!  Rachel Coleman was a singer before having a deaf daughter, so she now uses that beautiful voice and songwriting skill to make delightful songs to teach the signs.  The computer animations and interviews with lots of children actually showing the sign are well done, too.

Adults and kids of all ages can learn and enjoy Signing Time videos.  It’s amazing to see how much my 1- and 2-year-olds have had to say once they knew how to sign with me!  And older brother and I enjoyed learning along with the babies.  I highly recommend them to my friends who ask about learning ASL with their kids.

Here’s an example of the weekly email:

Sign of the week

Any Time is Signing Time


Sign of the Week – Grandma

Sep 06, 2011 08:00 am | LeeAnn

It’s Tuesday… here’s your sign of the week!


This Week’s Featured Sign: Grandma

Watch the Video (Click the Image to Play) Free QuickTime Player required Download the Flashcard (The file contains a few color and black-and-white options. Print according to your needs.)   This week’s sign comes from: Baby Signing …

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Savannah’s disclaimer:  I love Signing Time videos so much, that I love to share them with others.  When I found out they have a referral bonus program, I signed up right away!  So when you click my links, any purchase you might make is credited to me, and I get a little commission.  My family thanks you!  =O)


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